Bud Williams Inspection Service

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Pest Inspections

Bud Williams is a licensed Structural Pest Inspector. License #64215. 

We will do a structural pest inspection at the same time as we do the regular home inspection.  You will receive a  Pest Report with a Washington State ICN (Inspection Control Number).

Effective January, 2003, a home inspector can no longer identify (WDOs) a wood destroying organism other than Fugal Rot, without a Structural Pest License or equivalent

If we do this my report becomes a de facto Uniform Structural Wood Destroying Organism Inspection Report (whew) AKA a pest report, and it must have all of the information that would be included on a pest report and be done by a licensed structural pest inspector, a PCO or PCC. There are no exceptions. Since 90% of all our inspections have WDO or CONDUCIVE CONDITIONS we always do a Full Pest Inspection.We do two separate repors because some lenders only want a Pest Report

Also, it is important to note that the State considers all pest inspections to be final, stand alone inspections. A reinspection for pest purposes will require a full pest inspection and we will have to have access to all areas for the second time. 

Because I am a licensed Home Inspector I will not do stand alone Pest Inspections, the State would hold me liable for not reporting other issues, especially Heath and Safety issues.

Structural Pest Inspectors look for:

  • Wood Destroying Organisms                   
  • Evidence of Pest Activity, Past and Present
  • Conducive Conditions for Wood Destroying Organisms

For more information go to  http://agr.wa.gov/pestfert/pesticides/docs/058SpiReqFactSheet.pdf     This is a wonderfully informative site about what is covered in a pest inspection.